The Rockets teachers are looking forward to a fabulous year this year! We are looking forward to field trips, incentives, and a whole bunch of fun things! All this while learning about Math, Math Intervention, Social Studies, and Language Arts.

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Daily Schedule!

Enrichment: 7:40-8:30

DGL: 8:35-9:25

A Block: 9:30-10:35 (RR Break)

B Block: 10:40-10:55

Lunch: 10:55-11:15

B Block: 11:15-12:10 (RR Break)

C Block: 12:15-1:15

D Block: 1:20-2:20 (RR Break)

Compass Learning


Students should know their username/password, they use it multiple times a week in their Math Intervention class.

If you need help email: mallory.strohmier@jefferson.kyschools.us

UPcoming Events

Incentive: 10-7: No referrals for 1st 6 weeks dance

10-11: Hallway behavior Incentive Gym in the afternoon...

More to come!


Ms. Pugh: Language Arts (Team Lead)

Ms. Coffey: Language Arts

Ms. Adamo: Math (Core)

Ms. Strohmier: Math (Core)

Ms. Mall: Social Studies

Mr. J (Wiese): Math Intervention

Field Trips

Stay tuned for upcoming Field Trip Information!



Be Respectful of yourself, all individuals, objects and property in the building.

Be Responsible by following school rules, remaining in dress code and trying your best at all times.

Be Ready to learn by coming to class prepared with all your materials and on time.

Class Rules

  • I will raise my hand and wait for permission to leave my seat
  • I will raise my hand and silently wait to speak
  • I will not eat, drink, or chew gum without permission
  • I will follow all 6th grade academy and teacher expetations
  • I will stay focused on "Keeping it R.E.A.L."

Rockets Academic Expectations

  • Students will attempt to answer all questions. No blank answers or text lingo (IDK) accepted.
  • Students will use complete sentences in every class.
  • Students will label their papers the same in each class.
  • Students will complete homework
  • Students will ask for make-up work of absent from class.

Ms. Pugh Syllabus

Language Arts Syllabus 2016-2017

Ms. Pugh

Room 243


Phone: 485-8273

Year-long Objective:

Students will enhance and improve reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in order to increase critical thinking and communication, to read and understand a variety of texts, and to write a variety of texts for different purposes and audiences. These skills will help prepare students for future academic success as well as college and career readiness. We focus each day on “Keeping it R.E.A.L” in order to achieve our growth goals.


Topics / Units of Study:                                                   Student Supply Needs:

Literary and Informational Reading                                                          Composition Notebook

Writing: Argument, Informational, and Narrative                                       2-pocker Folder

Speaking and Listening Skills                                                                    Loose leaf paper

Language Skills: Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar                                          Pencils


Methods of Instruction / Teaching Strategies:                            Reading Materials and Texts Used:

Standards-Based Instruction                                                                   Holt Elements of Literature

Differentiated Instruction                                                                      Supplemental resources

Formative/Summative Assessments                                                          Independent reading books

Student Centered Learning                                                                     Quizlet

Whole Group Instruction                                                                          NewsELA

Small Group Instruction                                                                         

Cooperative Learning

MAP Testing


Writing Requirements:

Students will complete a writing folder according to the JCPS Expectations for Writing Portfolios in Accordance with the Kentucky Core Academic Standards and the TJMS Writing Policy. Students will be engaged in writing daily in tasks such as journal entries, graphic organizers, short answer questions, extended response questions, on-demand writing, and self-reflection. In addition to daily writing tasks, students will also be composing narrative, informative, and argumentative pieces during the year.



Students will read 20-30 minutes nightly and complete a weekly reading log. This will begin once we go to the library on Sept. 6th. Students will also be asked to complete book projects once per six weeks beginning with the 2nd six weeks. Additional standards practice assignments will assigned throughout the year. Typically homework will go home on Mondays and be due on Fridays.


Parent/Guardian Communication:

If you have any questions or concerns contact me via e-mail or call me at school. I will be available from 8:35-9:25 most days. If I am not available to take your call, please leave a message with the office and I’ll return your call as soon as I can. One of the quickest and easiest ways to communicate is through e-mail: rachel.pugh@jefferson.kyschools.us.  Make sure to check parent portal weekly for grade updates.


How Grades will be Determined (weights given to different course requirements):

  • Grades will be broken down into the following categories and percentages according to JCPS Guidelines. Some examples of the types of assignment for each category are included.


Student Engagement (20%)

Student Progression (30%)

Student Mastery (50%)

Daily Warm-up

Group Discussions/Activities

Cooperative Learning

Self-Reflection Tasks

Notebook Entries

Journal Entries



Standards Practice

Daily Class Work

Compass Learning Tasks


On-Demand Writing

Reading Diagnostic Assessments

Common Assessments


Standards Mastery

Reading Proficiency Assessments

Common Assessments

Book Projects

Collaborative Projects

Components of Writing Pieces (prewriting, first drafts, revisions, final copies)

The following grading scale is approved by the Board and shall be used by schools for the assessment of individual student progress:


A = Above Standards 90 –100%

B = Meets Standards 80–89%

C = Approaching Standards 70 –79%

D = Below Standards 60 –69%

U = Substantially Below Standards Below 60%

  • Progress reports will go home every 3 weeks. Check Parent Portal for weekly updates.
  • Late work will be accepted but 5% of points possible will be deducted from overall score.
  • Students will have the number of days they are absent plus one to turn in work they miss when absent. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for make-up work or check the absent work bulletin board in the classroom.





Be Respectful of yourself, all individuals, objects and property in the building.

Be Responsible by following school rules, remaining in dress code and trying your best at all times.

Be Ready to learn by coming to class prepared with all your materials and on time.




·        Level  Zero (Silent)

·        Stand/walk on the red line, facing the front

·        Hands to self

·        Raise hand for help/questions



Rockets Academic Expectations

·        Students will attempt to answer all questions. No blank answers or text lingo (IDK) accepted.

·        Student will use complete sentences in every class.

·        Students will label their papers the same in each class.

o   Right hand corner: given name, date, block (date written out)

o   Title all assignments

·        Students will complete homework.

·        Students will ask for make-up work if absent from class.

**Students who do not complete work during class may be assigned to ICU during lunch to complete their assignments while eating their lunch. **



Rockets Class Rules

·        I will raise my hand and wait for permission to leave my seat.

·        I will raise my hand silently and wait to speak.

·        I will not eat, drink, or chew gum without permission.

·        I will follow all 6th Grade Academy and teacher expectations.

·        I will stay focused on “Keeping it R.E.A.L”



6th Grade Signal for Silence:

Hand Raised By Adult


Failure by a student to meet the expectations of TJMS will result in the following levels of interventions:

Level 1 – Mild


Level 2 – Moderate

Level 3 -Severe

·        Proximity

·        Eye Contact

·        Verbal Redirection/Warning

·        Classroom Conduct Mark

·        Team Detention (after school)

·        Self-Reflection Time

·        Fix-It Plans

·        Positive Practice Time

·        Student/Teacher Conference

·        Phone Call/Note to Parent

·        Loss of Privilege

·        Conference with SRT

·        Team Referral


·        Level One Interventions

·        Team Conference with Student

·        Team Conference with Parent and Student

·        Counselor Referral

·        Assistant Principal Referral


·        Security Call

·        Assistant Principal Referral


Ms. Adamo Syllabus

Ms. Adamo

6th Grade Rockets

(Core) Math

Topics we will be studying:

Cycle 1: 45 Days

·        Computing Multi-Digit Numbers and finding common factors

·        Operations with fractions and Decimals

·        Graphing Rational Numbers

Cycle 2: 30 Days

·        Introduction Rates and Ratios

·        Solving Problems with Ratios and Unit Rates

·        Solving Problems with Percent’s and Measurement Conversions

Cycle 3: 45 Days

·        Writing and Evaluating Expressions

·        Writing and Solving Equations

·        Writing, Evaluating, and Graphing Inequalities

Cycle 4: 36 Days

·        2D Geometry

·        3D Geometry

·        Central Tendency and Data Distribution

Materials and Text:

  • Compass Learning thelearningodyssey.com
  • Mat strategies
  • 6th grade Hot Topics Textbook
  • CPM Textbook
  • Prentice Hall Textbook and Workbook

** Students will be required to write in a variety of ways like taking notes, reflections, explaining their work and many more.**

How Grades will be Determined:

Student Engagement – 20%

Student Progress – 30%

Student Mastery – 50%

Participation, group work, class discussions, student reflections, and teacher observation.

Homework, quizzes, class assignments, and student self-assessment.

Tests, Performance Assessments, and Projects.


JCPS Grading Scale:

Letter Grade

Standards-Based Grading Marks

Grading Scale

Performance Description




Above Standards




Meets Standards




Approaching Standards




Below Standards



Below 60

Substantially Below Standards



Homework will be given 2-3 times a week.  Depending on the assignment it may be due the next day or on the Friday of that week.

Absences/Make-Up Work:

All assignments that are missed will be in a class folder on the Absent Bulletin Board.  Students are responsible to get their own work from the folder. They have until the end of the grading period to complete the assignments.  Anything missing will be recorded as a 0.

Means of Parent Communication:          

I will be contacting parents throughout the school year by phone, e-mail, and notes for a variety of reasons.  I will be available for contact by calling TJMS at 485-8273 or e-mail at nichole.adamo@jefferson.kyschool.us

Classroom Rules:

  1. Enter the classroom quietly and be seated.  Once you enter, you may only leave with permission. A warm-up will always be posted.
  2. Bring all needed materials to class
  3. Speak at appropriate times using the appropriate voice level and appropriate language.
  4. Listen and follow all directions.
  5. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  6. Show respect for yourself, other people, and other people’s property.
  7. Obey school and team rules.


Class Procedures/Expectations:

               Students are expected to come into the classroom quietly and be seated at their assigned seats.  Once they are seated they will begin the warm-up activity that either will be posted or passed out to them.  The daily objectives and agenda will be posted and reviewed before every class.  Class work can be made up at any time throughout the grading period. 

Mr. J (Wiese) Syllabus

6th Grade Math Intervention


Course: Math Intervention Grade Level: 6th

Teacher: Mr. Wiese Team: Rockets

Keepin it R.E.A.L. at TJ


Units of study (Based on KCAS Standards):

* Number Sense; Whole Number operations; Fraction and Decimal operations and conversions; Ratios and Proportions equivalence, conversions, and applications; Algebraic expressions

Materials Needed (From JCPS Supply list):

* Two Pocket folder with prongs

* Spiral notebook

* Pencils

Materials and Text Used:

* Compass learning www.thelearningodyssey.com

* Ready Common Core Mathematics, Grade 6

* Variety of math resources workbooks

Methods of Instruction / Teaching Strategies:

* Group Activities

* Independent Study

* Discussion Sessions

* Problem-Based Learning

* Notebook/ Reflection Journal

Use of Technology:

* All students will be using computers 3 times per week to enhance their learning experiences.

Major Course Requirements / Assessments:

* Weekly quizzes/test - There will be an assessment every Friday, either a test or a quiz.

* Warm-up/Closing Task – These will happen each day at the start and end of class.

* Learning Task – There will be some sort of task to complete either with a partner, group, or individually each day.


Means of Parent Communication: I will be contacting parents throughout the school year by phone, e-mail, and notes for a variety of reasons. I will be available for contact by calling TJMS at 485-8273 or e-mail at jacob.wiese@jefferson.kyschool.us. There will be parent teacher conferences throughout the year where I will update you on your student’s progress.

Student Engagement with Standards:

* Participation, group work, class discussion, journals/logs/notebooks, projects, teacher observation, student reflection, or other measures of student interaction

Student Progression toward Standards:

* Homework, problem solving, class assignments, quizzes, anecdotal records, projects, student self-assessment, or other measures of student progress and self-reflection.

Student Mastery of Standards:

* Tests/Proficiency assessments, performance assessments, projects (e.g., project or problem-based) demonstrations, authentic assessments, presentations, or other measures of student mastery

Classroom Rules:

1. Bring all needed materials to class.

2. Follow CHAMPS expectations.

3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

4. Show respect for yourself, other people, and other people’s property.

5. Obey school and team rules.

Class Procedures/Expectations:


Homework will be assigned once per week. When it is assigned, the students will record the assignment in their student handbook.


Students will create and use a notebook. They are graded on their notes, activities, and reflections. They should have one folder specifically for Math Intervention, where they store all of their notes sheets, class work, homework, etc.

Absences/Make-Up Work:

After the student is absent, all assignments are posted on a class bulletin board, labeled with the student’s name. Students are responsible to pick up their own work. For full credit, it is due after the number of days they were absent, plus one day.

Missing Work/Late Work

Any work not submitted will receive a zero. Any late work that is unexcused will be accepted and graded according to the scale discussed above, but will receive a 10% deduction.

Ms. Mall Syllabus

Ms. Coffey Syllabus

Ms. Strohmier Syllabus

Thomas Jefferson Middle School 2016-17

6th Grade Mathematics Syllabus

Ms. Strohmier

Rockets Team

Phone: 502-485-8273

      E-mail: Mallory.Strohmier@jefferson.kyschools.us


  • Cycle 1: Factors, Multiples, operations with multi-digit numbers, rational numbers
  • Cycle 2: Ratio and ratio language, ratio reasoning for tables, tape diagrams, and double number lines
  • Cycle 3: Read, write, evaluate expressions, equivalent expressions, solving equations
  • Cycle 4: Area of triangles and quadrilaterals, volume of a rectangular prism, measures of center, data sets

Student Supply Needs:

  • Pencil, every day
  • Folder for homework/assignments
  • 1-subject notebook to be kept in classroom

Materials and Texts Used:

  • Compass Learning
  • Go Math
  • Various internet resources


Methods of Instruction: A variety of strategies and best practices will be used in order to ensure that the learning styles and needs of all students will be met. These will include:  hands-on approach, discovery investigation and learning, cooperative study teams, formative and summative assessments, direct instruction, guided practice, individual problem solving, use of manipulatives, technology integration, writing tasks, note taking, homework, and projects.

Major Course Requirements: Homework will be assigned every Monday and posted in the classroom. Students are expected to study vocabulary, class work, and returned homework. Students will be assessed through investigations, group work, tests, formative assessments, projects/presentations, extended and constructed responses, and district assessments.  Rubrics, guidelines, expectations, and extra support will be provided.


Late/Missing work: I will accept work up until the end of the 6 week grading period. Any work not turned in would receive a zero. Any late work that is unexcused will be accepted and graded according to the scale discussed above, but will receive a 10% deduction.

Parent/Community Support for Learning: A great way to get information in live time is parent portal (infinite campus). Parent/Guardians are strongly encouraged to attend parent-teacher conferences. This gives us a chance to meet and discuss your child’s needs for success in this class. As a parent, you know your child best, and any information or suggestions that you can provide for making this a warm, safe, and effective learning environment for your child are always welcome. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. The best way to contact me is through e-mail, I check it frequently every day, including week-ends.  To reach me by phone the best times to contact me are: 8:35-9:25 Monday-Thursday; 8:25-9:05 Friday or Wednesday-Friday after 2:25pm. I look forward to meeting you!


Grading System:


Group work

Positively contributing by fulfilling group role




Actively Participating during class discussions and individual work



Given a rubric, students will reflect on standards and progress.



Given at the beginning of the week, due on Fridays of each week



Problem Solving

Persevering through a difficult problem


Class Assignments

Compass Learning, assigned in class work




End of the week learning check for the objectives covered in that week.



Assignment with rubric that covers multiple objectives to demonstrate knowledge


Grading Scale:



Outstanding Performance



Above-Average Performance



Average Performance



Below-Average Performance

Below 60


Unsatisfactory Performance


Classroom Procedures/Rules: Students are expected to follow the team and school rules. In addition, students should come to class focused and with a pencil, folder, and homework.  Participation is expected in cooperative groups, whole class work and individual work.  Students are expected to be respectful and responsible at all times, in all classrooms.

Upcoming School Events

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