What's coming up?

Teacher Upcoming Unit
Ms. Combs (ESL/ELA) Narrative Writing
Ms. Garrett (Math) Exponent Properties & Scientific Notation
Ms. Dunn (ELA) Narrative Writing
Ms. Lyles (SS) Colonization
Mrs. Lock (Int.) Solving equations

Contact Your Teachers

Ms. Combs (Team Leader/ESL): mary.combs@jefferson.kyschools.us

Ms. Garrett (Math): brittany.garrett@jefferson.kyschools.us

Ms. Dunn (ELA): korinne.dunn@jefferson.kyschools.us

Ms. Lyles (Social Studies): cassie.lyles@jefferson.kyschools.us

Mrs. Lock (Math & Reading Intervention): jerrimica.lock@jefferson.kyschools.us

Mr. Subedi (Bilingual Associate Instructor): buddha.subedi@jefferson.kyschools.us

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