Welcome to the Mavericks!

The Maverick teachers welcome you to 7th grade. 

A Maverick is an independent individual. Someone who can change the world with his or her perspective.

Are you ready to change the world?

Your Maverick Teachers

Science and Family Leader: 

Ms. Moore   elizabeth.moore@jefferson.kyschools.us


Ms. Balakos       lori.balakos@jefferson.kyschools.us


Ms. Fages     courtney.fages@jefferson.kyschools.us

Ms. Taul        destiny.taul@jefferson.kyschools.us

Language Arts:    

Ms. Nally     patricia.nally@jefferson.kyschools.us

Mr. Welp     ben.welp@jefferson.kyschools.us

Ms. Clough  





Click this link for our schedule (Monday - Thursday) beginning August 17th

  Regular Day Schedule with transition details.docx    

 Click this link for our schedule on Fridays September - April)

  Club Day Schedule with transition details.docx 

Upcoming Events

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School Supply List

Take home folder- only one needed for all classes

paper or notebook




Team Rules

  • Be respectful to everyone.
  • Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.
  • Raise your hand and wait for permission to leave seat.
  • Come prepared to class.

Team Announcements

Our field trip to the zoo is Tuesday, November 1st.

Grading Scale

Letter grade Percent Description
A 90-100% Above the standards
B 80-89% Meeting the standards
C 70-79% Approaching the standards
D 60-69% Below the standards
U below 60% Substantially below standards

Upcoming Units- What are we learning?

Teacher class unit of study
Ms. Balakos math Ratio, proportional reasoning and percent
 Ms. Taul language arts-ECE  Informational text
Ms. Fages math- ECE  Ratio, proportional reasoning and percent
Ms. Nally language arts Informational Text 
Ms. Moore science  Populations and Ecosystems

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Syllabi for classes

Enrichment- All teacher's syllabi are the same  Enrichment Syllabus 2016 docx.webarchive 

Math- Ms Balakos- syllabus docx.webarchive