Dress Code Policy

 Thomas Jefferson Middle School                          

Subject of Policy:      Dress Code Policy

Policy Statement:      To provide all students with expectations for appropriate attire for an educational setting, the following guidelines are established:

  • Shorts, skirts, tunics, and dresses are allowed and must be knee length.             

            Leggings/jeggings are not considered pants or outerwear and may be worn

only under appropriate length shorts, skirts, tunics, or dresses.

  • All shirts, tops, and dresses must cover the shoulders, not be low-cut or see through, and have sleeves.  When raising arms above the head, the shirt/top must cover the midriff area so that no skin is showing.
  • No clothing that is inappropriately fitted, controversial, obscene, or                                           inappropriate in regards to violence, drugs, sex, alcohol, weapons, or anti-                                      social messages may be worn.
  • All coats and jackets are considered outerwear and are not permitted to be                                    worn in class and should be stored in lockers.  No hoodies are allowed to be                           worn in class.
  • Pants must be of appropriate fit, be worn at the waist, be free of                                                    rips/tears/cuts, and be free of inappropriate messages.
  • All hats, scarves, sweatbands, and bandanas must be kept in lockers during                          the school day.  Scarves worn for religious reasons are exception to this rule. 
  • No sleep apparel (house-shoes, pajamas, etc.) are to be worn at school.
  • Shoes are required at all times.  Flip flops, footies, athletic slides, 2 inch                                     heeled or higher shoes are not allowable. Shoes must have a closed toes and a

closed heel.


The above items are general guidelines, but not an exhaustive list of inappropriate clothing and/or accessories.  Therefore, administration has final decision making authority in the enforcement and interpretation of the dress code.

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PTA and Volunteering

We are always looking for parent volunteers! Please contact Ricky Owens or Nayasha Owens at 485-8273 to find out how you can help!

6th Grade Counselor


Melissa Cheatham is our newest Guidance Counselor. Her goal is to help students be as successful as possible during their middle school years!  She conducts Academic Guidance with students on a variety of topics such as how to monitor their grades online, how to stay organized, homework help, post-secondary options, and more!  She also provides individual academic counseling for students who need extra support.  A strong partnership between parents and teachers provides opportunities for success in school!  

Academic Counseling Form

7th Grade Guidance Counselor

  Mr. Burkett is the 7th grade guidance counselor.


8th Grade Guidance Counselor.

  Teela Scrubb is our 8th grade guidance counselor.

Youth Service Center

The Youth Services Center (YSC), created as part of the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA), enhances students' abilities to succeed in school by providing students and their families with access to social services and/or information about the services. The YSC also provides programs to assist children and parents in family-crisis, recreation, after school activities, and community development.    

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